Jan 11, 2008

More on L.L. Bean Washable Year-Round Trousers

OK, the L.L. Bean Washable Year-Round Trousers referenced in the blog immediately below are really nice. Very light and comfortable and fit nice, my best pick so far. And the little elastic comfort waist is pretty nice for those days when you over eat a bit or have slacked of on your exercise. I bought a black pair and I am going to get another color or two.

After two years the L.L. Bean pants referenced above are still the most comfortable off-the-shelf 34x36 dress pants that I have found. I recommend them especially for warm weather. They are very light and breathable.


Renee' said...

My husband is a 34x36 and I have such a hard time finding pants for him! Please tell me you havent forgotten about this blog and can help me out!

B said...

Hey, sweet blog! I am recently married and my wonderful little wifey has taken it upon herself to "get me some pants..." She is a very enthusiastic shopper and loves to shop and can't understand why I don't like it. So we went shopping tonight and it was the same thing as every time I've been over the last 10 years. I hold up dozens of 34x34's to see if they'll work and try to convince myself it'll be fine. I'm sure you can guess how many pairs of pants we came home with. I have learned that suffering without pants is better than settling for 34x34's because the suffering part is free and I'm not kicking myself for buying more pants that I'm not going to wear because I look rediculous. I'll think we'll break her from shopping for me within about 6 months ;)

Unknown said...

Picking up the blog again. I am on the hunt for some nice 34x36 pants again... sorry for the neglect :-(