6 ft 4

6ft 4 Benefits
Top ten
  1. Its easy to see over people in a crowd to find others and it is easier for them to find you (assuming of course that you don't mind being found).
  2. Easy access to the top shelf in the pantry, cupboard, or closet
  3. You can change light bulbs by simply standing on your tip toes
  4. Height is a benefit in basketball and many, many other sports
  5. Women have a thing for tall, dark, and handsome.You've got one at least.
  6. In general, scientific studies have shown that height is positively related to income (1)
  7. Eating more without putting on the pounds
  8. People are less likely to mess with you. You are more intimidating.
  9. You look better in clothes (as long as you can find the right pant size)
  10. Lower risk for heart disease (2)

  (1) The effect of physical height on workplace success and income - Journal of Applied Psychology (2004)
  (2) Height and heart disease: A genetic connection - Harvard Health Publishing

6ft 4 Challenges
Top ten
  1. You have a hard time finding pants that fit. Find 34x36 links here
  2. You are forever hitting your head on things, scabs an scars to prove it.
  3. You are too tall for many smaller cars, especially sporty cars.
  4. You don't fit well in the back seat of many cars, though often this gets you the sympathetic nod for the front seat.
  5. Economy class air travel is a nightmare. Emergency exit rows add comfort, increase cost. 
  6. You can't hide very well in a crowd 
  7. Caving is much more of a challenge 
  8. Height and higher risk for peripheral neuropathy and circulatory disorders (1)
  9. The average height of a male gymnast is 5'7".
  10. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
(1) Height may be risk factor for multiple health conditions - ScienceDaily

6 ft 4 Famous People
John Wayne                    Helmut Kohl                      Jeff York  
Donald Sutherland         Robert Florey                      Randall Cunningham
Nelson Mandela             Jose Canseco                      Barry Bostwick
Charles de Gaulle           Yannick Jauzion                Gaylord Perry
Steve Seagal                   Adam Baldwin                   Lou Gossett Jr.
Till Linderman                 Harvey Korman                  Paul Westphal
Stephen King                  Ronnie Gene Dunn            Bob Saget
Abraham Lincoln            John Lightgow                   Dale Murphy
Howard Hughes             James Brolin                        Eric Lindros
Michael Phelps               Ed McMahon                     And You...
David Hallelhoff             Kenny Loggins 
Christopher Reeve         Marco Meterazzi
Tom Selleck                     Brue Hornsby
Tom Brady                      Cal Ripken
Conan O'Brien                Joe Louis
Dr. Phil                             John Gavin
Chevy Chase                  Michael Moriarty
Troy Aikman                  Jack Palance
Vincet Price                     Lyle Waggoner
Jessy Ventura                 Pat Riley
Jason Kidd                      Mark McGwire

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