Apr 12, 2023

Found: 34x36 Sweat Pants | SLIM TALL

I've been on the lookout for nice 34x36 sweat pants for a decade or more. And NOW, I am happy to report that I have found the answer. I own about 6 of them now. When I find a piece of clothing that I love, I then get concerned that the exact style will go away one day and I'll wish that I bought a few more. 

These are so comfortable. I don't think that you will be disappointed. The "SLIM TALL" ones have a 33-35 waist option and inseams of both 36 and 38. Slim & Tall, Finally! There are some that are not slim tall so be sure to get the right ones or you won't see the 33x36 to 35x36 option.

SCR SPORTSWEAR MEN'S SWEATPANTS-TAPERED [536,SLIM TALL, 6'2"-6'11"]  https://scrsportswear.com/products/copy. There is another SLIM, TALL sweat pant that I might try there.

SCR also has the option to pay over Amazon. I love this option. And you can also find these on Amazon if you decide to go there directly. I am rewarding SCR by using their Website directly.

I do wish that other main stream brands would step up. Nike, Under Armour, what's up. You disappoint a lot of tall, fit athletes. 

Please let us know what you think if you decided to give these a try. I love them.