Dec 10, 2014

Under Armour's Definition of Tall Comes up Short - No 34x36

Today, I crossed my fingers and took another look at Under Armour to see what they might have in a "tall" selection for men's pants, looking for something to accommodate my 34x36 pant size to match my 6 ft 4 190 lb frame.

Needless to say, I "came up short" in my quest for something that fits. Not giving up I went to the chat window option to engage an Under Armour employee. Not to pick on the person, I sympathize with her, she tried. The decision by Under Armour any many others to not address tall men, even tall non professional athletes continues to disappoint. 

So here we have it, still, in the age of the internet when UA does not need to stock 34x36 sweat pants or 34x36 tactical pants at stores, we are happy to order them online, should not take all that much space in a large warehouse for crying out loud.

So a tall basketball player by Under Armour's own definition is about 6 ft 2.