Dec 10, 2014

Under Armour's Definition of Tall Comes up Short - No 34x36

Today, I crossed my fingers and took another look at Under Armour to see what they might have in a "tall" selection for men's pants, looking for something to accommodate my 34x36 pant size to match my 6 ft 4 190 lb frame.

Needless to say, I "came up short" in my quest for something that fits. Not giving up I went to the chat window option to engage an Under Armour employee. Not to pick on the person, I sympathize with her, she tried. The decision by Under Armour any many others to not address tall men, even tall non professional athletes continues to disappoint.  Below is our exchange which says it all.

December 10, 2014 - Chat Log with Under Armour Rep

Molly: Thank you for choosing Under Armour, my name is Molly. How may I help you? 
Greg (me): Do you have any tall sizes for pants? 
Molly: We do, here is a link: 
Greg: Hmmm... only the last one on the bottom right says "Tall" is that it, just one option? 
Molly: No, all of them come in a tall they just may be sold out, I can check to see if we have any left if you provide a style number and color of what you like. 
Greg: Am I missing something? No designation for tall there, unless you are 3XLT or XXLT. 
Greg: What if I am XLT or LGT? 
Greg: Tall, not Big AND Tall. 
Molly: It is just that most of them are sold out, what size do you need? 
Greg: I am a non-professional, tall, fit, athlete. 
Molly: What size do you want? 
Greg: Medium to Large waist, and Tall 
Molly: Ok, what style number do you like? 
Greg: The ones that are sold out are only Big AND Tall. 
Molly: Thanks, Checking now. 
Greg: or
Molly: We have 2 left in an LGT in 1248405 in black. In 1248405 we have one left in green in a MDT. 
Greg: Great, what is the inseam for "Tall" 
Greg: I have a 36 inch inseam 
Molly: 33'' for both. 
Greg: 33" is not really tall :-(  [Insert, I admit that this a unique perspective of anyone over about 6 ft 1 or 6 ft 2]
Molly: I am sorry about that. 
Greg: Surprised, thought that UA was athlete-friendly. 33 inch means you have to be no taller than 6 foot or pants look like waders.
Molly: I am sorry about that, I will pass your feedback along. 
Greg: Short basketball players only? Others, sorry about that? 
Molly: I will pass your feedback along. Hopefully we will offer taller pants in the future. 
Greg: OK, sorry, always find this frustrating. Athletes tall and fit not welcomed.
Molly: I am sorry, can I assist you with anything else? 
Greg: Nah, have a nice day and thanks for passing on the feedback. 
Molly: My pleasure. Thanks you too 
Greg: I was just hoping, dreaming. 
Molly: Ok, have a nice day!
Molly has disconnected. 

So here we have it, still, in the age of the internet when UA does not need to stock 34x36 sweat pants or 34x36 tactical pants at stores, we are happy to order them online, should not take all that much space in a large warehouse for crying out loud.

So a tall basketball player by Under Armour's own definition is about 6 ft 2.

Disclosure: I own stock in UA, love much of their stuff, shorts, tees, tanks, etc, but pants are a big let down.