Oct 1, 2011

REI 36 inch inseam pants

These look decent, from REI - All with 36 inch inseam

Adventure Pants
Sahara Convertible Pants
Utltra Light Pants
Hiking Pants

Update, went to REI a couple days ago. I recommend:

Sahara Convertible Pants - Extremely light, roomy and comfortable, lots of pockets. My FAVORITE, light, roomy, comfortable and nice a long. Checked again in January 2013 and they still have these.

Adventures Pants- Very comfortable, light, even stylish. I think that I could even wear this as a light casual pant. Love them. Note that placing larger bulky items (large wallet for example) in a front pocket will stick out.

34x36 Selections That Continue to Impress

34x36 Pants selection at Land's End continues to impress me.
Complete selection with many available in 36" inseam or even greater. Website is also one of the easier ones to navigate. I am looking for 2013 Christmas special to kick in since I need a few more.

Eddie Bauer is another one to check out, with tall sizes as well, including sweats. Unlike LL Bean sweatpants (tall more like 34" inseam), Eddie Bauer tall sweatpants have run longer than the reported 33 1/2" inseam in my experience, I hope that this has not changed. If anyone buys these, please add a comment here to re-verify length for those that are considering them.