Sep 21, 2009

Muldoon's carries Sevane 34x36 dress pants

34x36 Dress Pants (updated November 2013)

Savane Select Edition Polyester/Rayon
-Usually available in black, heather grey & taupe
-$43 (Pre - Thanksgiving  Sale, regular $72)

Old Navy, a brick and mortar with 34x36 pants - but...

OK, I have to give some love to OLD NAVY, they are one of the VERY few stores that I can walk into and buy 34x36 pants right off the shelf. We are talking Khakis here, but hey, that is still pretty great when compared to most other stores that I have walked into. Be warned however, not all Old Navy stores I've walked into have 34x36, but your chances are "good" at least.

Also, their prices are right. I don't feel like I am being discriminated against because I am tall.

Go online though and I am currently perplexed. Are we being dissed? Are they changing their policies? shows "Up to 36" Inseam" under many of the pants but when you got to one of the selections no 36" inseam is available. And their "SHOP BY SIZE" filter does not have 34x36 as a possibility. Are they phasing out 34x36? What is happening? Are they just out of stock on all 36" inseam or is something else going on. I have just sent an email to their customer support folks to find out what is going on. Will let you know.