Sep 21, 2009

Muldoon's carries Sevane 34x36 dress pants

34x36 Jeans, updated May, 2023

Grand River Classic Jeans, 34x36, $62 to $73

Old Navy, a brick and mortar with 34x36 pants - but...

OK, I have to give some love to OLD NAVY, they are one of the VERY few stores that I can walk into and buy 34x36 pants right off the shelf. We are talking Khakis here, but hey, that is still pretty great when compared to most other stores that I have walked into. Be warned however, not all Old Navy stores I've walked into have 34x36, but your chances are "good" at least.

Also, their prices are right. I don't feel like I am being discriminated against because I am tall.