Mar 17, 2011

Finding 34x36 Jeans is Difficult - A Solution

Went looking for 34x36 jeans last week and it was more difficult than ever to find something. Here is how it went. First I find a style that I like, for me, I am looking for material that is not to heavy, and I want them relatively soft. I also want a nice fit, not to tight. Then I search for 34x36 and get so frustrated when there is absolutely nothing! I then see the big and tall section and it is really just big, nothing in a 34 waist, argh, should have known better, never find 34 waist in big and tall. So now what do I do? What do you do?

Here is what I suggest. Choose the correct waste size, try on a 34x34 or even 34x32, forget about the length. If you like everything but the length, make a note of the brand and style then go home and search the Web. Unfortunately this takes some preparation, you need to take along a pen and piece of paper, but this does reduce "impulse buying" and you will likely save a few bucks. Online you will have a better chance of finding the right length and when they arrive, you know you will be happy with the fit, feel and look because you already tried them on.

I walked into a JCPenney's store and loved the selection of jeans but nothing 34x36, but when you go to their online store there is a great tool that lets you select your waist and inseam and I found a HUGE selection of 34x36 pants and 34x36 jeans. It is like a candy store. I am seeing more Websites that do this, let you select your inseam and waist size and then show results that match.