Sep 21, 2007

LL Bean Site has some 34 x 36

Here is my latest discovery. LL Bean has a decent selection. Like many though, you need to specify "no cuffs" to see the 36 inch inseam options. And nothing in the "Tropic-Weight Pants" unfortunately. Some 34x36 jeans.

I am giving most all of my 34x34 flood pants to my slightly shorter brother so I am making an excuse to pick up a couple of these. The Chinos are likely comparable to the Dockers, we will see, bought one of those. The Washable Year-Round Wool Trousers most intrigued me since dressier pants are so hard to find at 34x36 so I picked up a pair.

34x36 Dress Chinos ($49.50) and 34x36 Washable Year-Round Wool Trousers ($69)
Lots of different color options.
Nothing 34x36 in the Microfiber and Kennebunk Chinos.

Sep 20, 2007

Under Armour's Position on 34x36.

OK, I just got off the phone with Under Armour Consumer Relations. They are considering a "tall" size for the general population but there is not an immediate plan to do so. They also said that the special order sizes that they do for sports teams are not just related to the volume, they are based on sponsorship. So for the moment we are out of luck guys, sorry. I am convinced that most of us just "settle" for the flood pants look because that is the best that we can do. I am really sick of it myself.

So we just give up and settle for whatever they offer to us? I say no! What if we built up this 34x36 advocacy community so that it becomes a strong voice. Let me know that you care. I am creating a list of people that I can hopefully one day use to demonstrate to these guys that we are a force to be heard. Please drop me and email at And please comment on this Blog. You are needed.

Also, don't stop there. Pick up the phone and call Under Armour consumer relations: 1.866.345.7643, Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm ET. You can also send them an email at

Sep 19, 2007

Under Armour - Great Clothes - Love the Pants - But no 34x36

Under Armour - I've been wearing their clothes for about five years now, before they were so cool. Love all their stuff, but NO 34 x 36 sweatpants! And that is a bit shocking since they cater to sports teams and basketball teams who tend to be tall. And thats the catch, they cater to "Teams" like college and professional teams who special order their stuff. I've have called them and emailed them them three or four times over the years and always reached a dead end, until today.

In a call today, September 19, 2007 The nice lady on the end of the phone said that the longest pant they make is 34 inseam (could have guess that, been there). BUT, she said that she heard that they are addressing the issue and are planning something, man I hope so. She suggested that I call their consumer relations department at: 1.866.345.7643, Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm ET. I am going to do that tomorrow, will keep you posted. Please call them yourselves as well.

Sep 18, 2007

Welcome 34 x 36 - You are not alone

If your pant size is 34x36 you are not alone, even though so many stores make you feel like you are from another planet. I've been 34W x 36L for about 15 years. I've "settled" many times on 34x34. They look alright in the store. Then you sit down while wearing the pants and you wish you had on longer socks. The pants creep half way up your calf and look awful. Yeah, we are tall, taller then most, but there must be tens of thousands of us. If we can't influence a local store maybe we can influence an online store. We are not Big and Tall, where 36 inseam might be found and only at a 36 waist size or larger, we are simply Tall.

I've called stores, left messages, and scavenged the web, and I've been building a database of information. I've often walked into a store and found great pants, tried them on, loved how they fit in every way except for the length. Why can't they make them in our size?

34x36 Jeans are a problem most of the time as well. 34x36 dress pants or other casual pants can be even a bigger problem. Yes, you can walk into a higher-end store and have dress pants tailor made, though likely not with cuffs. And even with tailored pants they are often not in the style that you would like. But we would like to just walk into a store like most folks and pull something off the rack.

So maybe this "internet" can bring us together. Maybe we can create a large enough community that we can get the attention of clothing retailers and make them see that we are a market worth catering to. And maybe this market will be online only, so lets get started. At least, lets share research on where we CAN find our size.

I've found some companies that have 34x36 pants on the shelf. And I've had some limited success online. Larger Old Navy stores will on occasion have 34x36 dockers. Eddie Bauer (online at least) carries some 34x36 pants (but not with cuffs). Banana Republic also has some 34x36 pants (online at least). OK, this is a start. I've got lots more to share with you and it would be great to hear from you. Where have you found 34x36?

If you would like to help me demonstrate to the retailers that we are out here in great numbers please drop me a line at And please feel free to comment on this blog. I am sure that you have a lot to share. Maybe you've founds some great stores or Websites.