Sep 19, 2007

Under Armour - Great Clothes - Love the Pants - But no 34x36

Under Armour - I've been wearing their clothes for about five years now, before they were so cool. Love all their stuff, but NO 34 x 36 sweatpants! And that is a bit shocking since they cater to sports teams and basketball teams who tend to be tall. And thats the catch, they cater to "Teams" like college and professional teams who special order their stuff. I've have called them and emailed them them three or four times over the years and always reached a dead end, until today.

In a call today, September 19, 2007 The nice lady on the end of the phone said that the longest pant they make is 34 inseam (could have guess that, been there). BUT, she said that she heard that they are addressing the issue and are planning something, man I hope so. She suggested that I call their consumer relations department at: 1.866.345.7643, Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm ET. I am going to do that tomorrow, will keep you posted. Please call them yourselves as well.

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