Sep 21, 2007

LL Bean Site has some 34 x 36

Here is my latest discovery. LL Bean has a decent selection. Like many though, you need to specify "no cuffs" to see the 36 inch inseam options. And nothing in the "Tropic-Weight Pants" unfortunately. Some 34x36 jeans.

I am giving most all of my 34x34 flood pants to my slightly shorter brother so I am making an excuse to pick up a couple of these. The Chinos are likely comparable to the Dockers, we will see, bought one of those. The Washable Year-Round Wool Trousers most intrigued me since dressier pants are so hard to find at 34x36 so I picked up a pair.

34x36 Dress Chinos ($49.50) and 34x36 Washable Year-Round Wool Trousers ($69)
Lots of different color options.
Nothing 34x36 in the Microfiber and Kennebunk Chinos.

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