Jun 17, 2010

Looking for 34x36 Pants again

Well, it has been some time since I went looking for 34x36 pants. A couple of my 34x36s have seen better days so I am back on the hunt. If  you have had success finding 34x36 pants please share here. Always looking for some good deals or new stores, online or brick and mortar.

Some 34x36s are starting to get a bit tight. I refuse to go up a size. It is time for me to get more serious about exercising often and eating better. Pants tight at the waist are a signal to lose a few pounds, not a signal to buy larger pants. Not all pants fit the same however. Have to admit that I am reaching the limit of what loose fit 34x36 is offering. Good luck on your efforts to stay slim as well.

And don't get me started on shoes. Went shoe shopping a few weeks ago. Try finding a 12 1/2 shoe size, forget about it. Online maybe. So we can't settle for 12, too tight. And 13s can be a bit loose but our only choice. Shoe outlets are thumbing their nose at us, figure that we will settle or go elsewhere :-(. Brands do make a difference though. Some 13s fit just fine and some 12s fit just fine.

Will also be updating links below as well and making notes on last verified.