Jun 20, 2009

Tall Sweatpants

Sweatpants tall sizes, finally
Note: Links updated November 2011

Looking for tall mens sweatpants has to be one of the most difficult tasks for finding tall mens clothes. Most all pants are hard to find but sweatpants are the absolute worst. Once again, retailers disappoint. Below are a few that I have found, please add to the comments section if you find others.

Eddie Bauer Tall Sweatpants
Sweats (long fleece cargos), tall size
Link ($64, last checked Nov 26, 2011). Look pretty cool. Other blogs say that these run large, so "M" should be fine.
These are about a 36" inseam, fantastic, own a pair.

LL Bean Tall Sweatpants
Athletic Sweats, Pants
(All includes Med. and Large waist sizes!)
NOTE: These are not actually all that "tall", about 34" maybe 33" inseam

Lands End Tall Sweatpants
Sweats, tall sizes - Link1, Link2   ($44, last checked Nov 26, 2011)
NOTE: These are not actually all that "tall", about 34" maybe 33" inseam 

Under Armour, have new large/tall Sweatpants
Just sent Under Armour an email about there plans for tall sweat pants. With all of the athletes wearing their apparel, surely they are making tall sweat pants. Under Armour, how about some tall sweat pants for the masses? I know that you guys could sell them.

Newsflash: Under Armour ponies up with one, only, still very disappointed but at least they show up.
Sweat pants - Link ($49, last checked Nov 26, 2011)
Be sure to look for (LDT = large tall) About time UA! Still disappointed with the sparse selection given that these guys cadre to athletes. Surely they could stock more tall sizes. Are all basketball players under 6'3" inches?


Anonymous said...

I agree. Two boys over 6'6". The sweat and athletic pants are NEVER tall enough.

ML said...

I purchased the Under Armour and they fit great! BUT they are out of stock now!
Need some more sport pants 34x36!