Sep 18, 2007

Welcome 34 x 36 - You are not alone

If your pant size is 34x36 you are not alone, even though so many stores make you feel like you are from another planet. I've been 34W x 36L for about 15 years. I've "settled" many times on 34x34. They look alright in the store. Then you sit down while wearing the pants and you wish you had on longer socks. The pants creep half way up your calf and look awful. Yeah, we are tall, taller then most, but there must be tens of thousands of us. If we can't influence a local store maybe we can influence an online store. We are not Big and Tall, where 36 inseam might be found and only at a 36 waist size or larger, we are simply Tall.

I've called stores, left messages, and scavenged the web, and I've been building a database of information. I've often walked into a store and found great pants, tried them on, loved how they fit in every way except for the length. Why can't they make them in our size?

34x36 Jeans are a problem most of the time as well. 34x36 dress pants or other casual pants can be even a bigger problem. Yes, you can walk into a higher-end store and have dress pants tailor made, though likely not with cuffs. And even with tailored pants they are often not in the style that you would like. But we would like to just walk into a store like most folks and pull something off the rack.

So maybe this "internet" can bring us together. Maybe we can create a large enough community that we can get the attention of clothing retailers and make them see that we are a market worth catering to. And maybe this market will be online only, so lets get started. At least, lets share research on where we CAN find our size.

I've found some companies that have 34x36 pants on the shelf. And I've had some limited success online. Larger Old Navy stores will on occasion have 34x36 dockers. Eddie Bauer (online at least) carries some 34x36 pants (but not with cuffs). Banana Republic also has some 34x36 pants (online at least). OK, this is a start. I've got lots more to share with you and it would be great to hear from you. Where have you found 34x36?

If you would like to help me demonstrate to the retailers that we are out here in great numbers please drop me a line at And please feel free to comment on this blog. I am sure that you have a lot to share. Maybe you've founds some great stores or Websites.


Cool Mo Fo said...

Great idea. I don't know how many pants I have that I thought would work out and then turned out to be an absolute disasster. I don't even dare touch courderoy anymore, after the fifth pair I bought that I thought would "finally fit", I have such a bad association that just seeing the style turns me off. Whenever I shop at factory outlets, I can only hope to find shirts. (I"m straight, but I do like to look good in clothes, why is this so hard?) I talked to one of the ladies doing R&D in a Miami Urban Outfitters store about a year ago. She said if enough people commented, they would probably carry that longer size. I told her they could corner the market on the damn pants if they'd just carry them. Much appreciation goes out to you for contacting these stores. Maybe you can start an e-bay store or something and come up with a solution by yourself. Have some of the manufacturers make a few extra pairs for you to sell. Then we would know all we have to do is go to your site. Anyway, great idea. Glad to see your blog.

Frantic Home Cook said...

Where have you been?! I'm constantly scouring for 34x36 pants for my husband and can never find anything unless I'm willing to special order and pay $$$.

Hope you post some more!

ANithian said...

This is great. Finding cheap pants are a pain; however, I have had luck with JC Penney's St. Johns Bay as well as Amazon for Dockers.

asdfasdfasdfasdf said...

You are providing an invaluable service--keep posting man!

HerrSlam said...

this is hilarious. After over a decade of fruitless searching for 34x36, this weekend I went shopping with my in-laws (who thought "surely there must be something"). Four stores (including three with big and tall sections) later, they too threw in the towel. Keep up the good work... and let me know if you find any good sites! Dockers official website no longer has a 34x36 filter - it jumps straight to 34x38. Sigh.

Anonymous said...


I have been very frustrated in the past trying to find 34X36 pants. Levis has a few sizes and styles which are good enough for me. Most of the other brands are too formal/square for my age (im in college).

I usually just go for Levis. Not too expensive, very durable, and fit/look good. I found some lee pants for $30 on amazon gonna try them.

THANK YOU for this blog!!