Apr 12, 2023

Found: 34x36 Sweat Pants | SLIM TALL

I've been on the lookout for nice 34x36 sweat pants for a decade or more. And NOW, I am happy to report that I have found the answer. I own about 6 of them now. When I find a piece of clothing that I love, I then get concerned that the exact style will go away one day and I'll wish that I bought a few more. 

These are so comfortable. I don't think that you will be disappointed. The "SLIM TALL" ones have a 33-35 waist option and inseams of both 36 and 38. Slim & Tall, Finally! There are some that are not slim tall so be sure to get the right ones or you won't see the 33x36 to 35x36 option.

SCR SPORTSWEAR MEN'S SWEATPANTS-TAPERED [536,SLIM TALL, 6'2"-6'11"]  https://scrsportswear.com/products/copy. There is another SLIM, TALL sweat pant that I might try there.

SCR also has the option to pay over Amazon. I love this option. And you can also find these on Amazon if you decide to go there directly. I am rewarding SCR by using their Website directly.

I do wish that other main stream brands would step up. Nike, Under Armour, what's up. You disappoint a lot of tall, fit athletes. 

Please let us know what you think if you decided to give these a try. I love them.

Jan 6, 2018

Tall (really) Nike Sweat Pants - Hopeful, Stay Tuned

So, I decided to give it a try and test the waters again, this time with Nike. As a 6ft 4 relatively slim male, one of my biggest frustrations has been finding tall sweatpants. I found one pair from Land's End years ago, but don't see them any longer. They were more traditional sweatpants, and there are other Sites with taller traditional sweatpants, not made from some of the high-quality fabrics that are out there for the rest of the population. 

Stock online, why the heck not
They don't need to stock these tall (really) sizes in stores, I get that, takes up valuable shelf space for the masses of shorter people, but online, ONLINE, why the heck not? Its tradition and it sucks for us. I will not be deterred.

34-inch inseam is not tall for us
This morning I found some really nice training pants on the Nike Site and saw that they even had what they called "Tall" training pants. Now for anyone 6 ft 4 or taller, we appreciate that for most people 6ft even is considered tall and for those 6ft or a just a bit taller, a 34-inch inseam is likely just fine, but when you hit 6 ft 4, a 34-inch inseam looks like you are preparing for a flood. So for us, a 34-inch inseam is NOT tall.  

Left out of high-quality fabrics
Nike and UA have some great stuff, great and great looking fabrics. Tall folks can buy high-quality, high-tech, fashionable, great feeling, great looking shirts, and tops, but that is it, sadly, no pants. Why can't we get some good quality, high-tech material like everyone else? I will not be deterred. 

Oct 1, 2016

34x36 Levi Jeans - Wide variety available online in 34x36

So I went to Kohl's the other day looking for 34x36 jeans, and once again, a big fail. Saw so many great styles, it was sick that there was nothing 34x36.  Reminded me of why I created this blog. Occasionally I have a good experience at a store or online and I will post it here.

Today I went to the Levis Site and found a nice Selector Tool that narrows down searches for specific waist and inseam sizes for both jeans and other pants.

Dec 10, 2014

Under Armour's Definition of Tall Comes up Short - No 34x36

Today, I crossed my fingers and took another look at Under Armour to see what they might have in a "tall" selection for men's pants, looking for something to accommodate my 34x36 pant size to match my 6 ft 4 190 lb frame.

Needless to say, I "came up short" in my quest for something that fits. Not giving up I went to the chat window option to engage an Under Armour employee. Not to pick on the person, I sympathize with her, she tried. The decision by Under Armour any many others to not address tall men, even tall non professional athletes continues to disappoint. 

So here we have it, still, in the age of the internet when UA does not need to stock 34x36 sweat pants or 34x36 tactical pants at stores, we are happy to order them online, should not take all that much space in a large warehouse for crying out loud.

So a tall basketball player by Under Armour's own definition is about 6 ft 2.

Aug 10, 2014

My favorite 34x36 casual/dress pant from Land's End

Lately I have been reaching for one particular brand of Land's End pants most often. These pants are mid-weight. I like the fit more than most any pant that I own and I own three different colors.

They are called "Men's Pleat Front Comfort Waist No Iron Chino Pants". They have 34 waist x 36 inch inseam and you can find them and many other nice 34x36 pants.

Nov 25, 2013

Zappos has a nice selection of long casual pants, including 36 inseam sweats

Looking to update this blog with some fresh links and landed on the Zappos site, includes a 36 inch inseam track pant in three color combinations, nice, and in small to XL sizes.

The site also has a nice selection tool that make things easier. Go the pants section and enter your waist and inseam size (up to 38inch!) and they show you all that they have that fits the category, decent selection of casual and work pants, though no dress pants (ha-ha, unless you count the $375 Versace Stretch Wool Pant, no thanks).