Aug 10, 2014

My favorite 34x36 casual/dress pant from Land's End

Lately I have been reaching for one particular brand of Land's End pants most often. These pants are mid-weight. I like the fit more than most any pant that I own and I own three different colors.

They are called "Men's Pleat Front Comfort Waist No Iron Chino Pants". They have 34 waist x 36 inch inseam and you can find them and many other nice 34x36 pants.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog while searching for good sources of tall sweatpants for my boyfriend. He also wears a 34x36 and has similar difficulties finding pants that fit appropriately. I don't know if you have ever looked into J. Crew's men's collection, but they generally have a very good selection of pants/shorts that are designed for tall guys (rather than just big & tall). J. Crew remains the only store that I have found that carries shorts with a long enough inseam (10.5") to not be obscenely short on him.

Lady in Pink Waders said...

Thanks, I found this blog as well when I googled 34 x 36 pants for my 17yr old son. (he is actually a 33 waist but try getting that!) I will try Lands End .. and JCrew . Its tough being tall and thinner build! I did find some at LLbean and on Amazon found some fleece lined Wranglers... but now in search of Khakis for a summer job!