Aug 11, 2009

Best, most comfortable 34x36 dress pants in warm weather

I think that I have narrowed things down quite a bit now. Lands End Washable Year-Round Wool Trousers, Hidden Comfort Waist are the best, most comfortable 34x36 dress pants for warm weather that I have found. Price check in Nov. 2013 has these at $89. I find myself preferring to wear them all the time. It must be a guy thing. When I find something comfortable I wear it a lot, not as much at the office (only because I can't get away with it) but at home I might change into the same shorts and t-shirt for an entire week. I have two of the Land End "Year-Round" pants, though I am really down to just one now since one shared the drier with some gum and are not quite the same :-( Since I am living in the South, Houston Texas, to be exact, most of the year we are warm and muggy. If I could get away with wearing shorts to work I would!

In cold or cooler weather I am happy to wear the heavier pants, and I am sure that my northern cousins would insist on it since my favorite "Year-Round" pants are very thin and won't protect you much from cold air. Both Lands' End and L.L. Bean seem to have equally nice pants for colder weather, and since each has stores concentrated in the North I am not surprised. Lands' End primarily in the Northeast with only a few stores in Southern California, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Florida. L.L Bean has even fewer stores with nothing in the South.

And don't be afraid of the "wool" material. The Lands End wool pants are extremely comfortable.

The comfort waist expands a bit and gives you some flexibility, especially nice since not all 34 waist pants fit the same. Some of my 34 waist pants are too tight and I am keeping them around with the hope that I might lose a few pounds.

If you would like to be kept informed about what I've found or about sales on 34x36 pants please email me at 34x36pants + and I will add you to a distribution list. And/or follow 34x36pants on twitter.

Note: I corrected this post in Nov. 2013 since L.L. Bean no longer carried the wool dress pant.

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Unknown said...

My 14 yr-old son is 6'2" with a 34 waist...he desperately wants to wear 36 inseam but has to settle for 34 inseam and risk the high water pants look. We are going crazy trying to find pants and jeans he likes! I don't want to invest a lot of money ($75 is a lot to me) knowing he'll be outgrowing them soon, but we may have to do just that. I had no idea it would be this hard to find 34x36! I feel your pain Greg. We quickly learned that Big & Tall only meant Big in the men's clothing world. Thanks for the link to Land's End and LL Bean! Keep posting...